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Anyone can become a Boba Barista in the comfort of their own home!


DIY Boba Kit (10+ Servings) includes:


1x 60g Taro Powder (2 Serves)

1x 60g Milk Tea Powder (2 Serves)

1x 60g Strawberry Powder (2 Serves)

1x 50g Matcha Powder (2 Serves)

1x 50g Honeydew Powder (2 Serves)

1x 500g Tapioca Pearls (10 Serves)

1x 40g Premium Jasmine Green Tea Leaves (10 Serves)

1x 200g Premium Powdered Creamer (10 Serves)

10x Paper Straws


Authentic and Premium Quality Ingredients

We have carefully selected and sourced the finest Taiwanese bubble tea from one of New Zealand's leading Taiwanese bubble tea supplier. They are our selected suppliers for their high-quality product development and assessments by professional Food Technologists, backed with a certified Food Control Plan Facility. We value traditional methods for preparing bubble tea, hence, we do not take short-cuts e.g. instant cooking pearls or highly processed fruit powders, to ensure authenticity and best experience of taste.


Easy to Make
Perfect for any busy student, corporate, parent or anyone on the go, our bubble tea is very easy to make with easy-to-follow instructions, in as little as 15-20 minutes.

Value for Money
From $3.50 per serve, this kit makes 10 servings. Why pay $8 per serve at your bubble tea store?

Perfect Gift
With options to add customised bubble tea bottles, custom message, e-gift card or other gifts, your loved one will be spoilt with choice.


Free Shipping

Spend over $80 and receive free shipping. Pick-up in East Auckland also available.


Rewards & Savings

There are many perks and benefits. For every purchase you make, collect points and start earning exclusive rewards (like more bubble tea!)


Ethical Packaging

For our packaging and shipping boxes, we use durable, corrugated recyclable cardboard sourced right here in New Zealand. Inside the bubble tea kits, our beautiful tissue paper are FSC certified, made from acid free paper and printed with soy-based inks. Not only are the food pouches also recyclable, but the drinking straws are created from FSC certified paper, is carbon neutral and compostable. And finally, our Thank You cards are also FSC certified - meaning that the paper printed on are obtained from the highest standard of responsible forestry.

Mini Sampler Pack (10+ Serves)

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