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Mix and match the popping pearls to create your own favourite drink! 

- Size: 300ml
- Serving size: 6
- Packed in a Reusable Glass Jar 

Strawberry Popping Pearls - 300g (6 servings)
Indulge in the sweet charm of strawberries with these popping pearls. Bursting with the essence of sun-ripened strawberries, they provide a burst of lusciousness that elevates any treat.

Passionfruit Popping Pearls - 300g (6 servings)
Unleash a wave of exotic tanginess with passionfruit popping pearls. Each tiny bead bursts with the sweet and tart intensity of ripe passionfruit, creating a sensory symphony in your mouth.

Mango Popping Pearls - 300g (6 servings)
Bursting with tropical delight, these mango popping pearls add a juicy explosion to your palate, releasing the vibrant essence of sun-kissed mangoes in every bite.

Green Popping Pearls - 300g (6 servings)
Fresh and lively, these green popping pearls offer a crisp burst of flavor, reminiscent of crisp Granny Smith apples or perhaps the invigorating zing of kiwi. A delightful pop of green goodness!

Peach Popping Pearls - 300g (6 servings)
Savour the juicy sweetness of ripe peaches in every pop. These pearls deliver the essence of summer with a burst of peachy perfection, adding a delightful twist to your culinary creations.

Popping Pearls 300ml (6 Servings)

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